Welcome to my page everyone! I am a writer who loves to travel, hike, bake, cook, eat, read, learn, watch TV shows and lift weights. Enjoy life and thrive! What are you passionate about?

Don’t get me wrong, I love to whip up clean foods and baked goods. I research recipes and alter them to my taste and dietary needs. Often treats are too sweet, even the healthy versions. I started leaving out sugar, honey, agave nectar or other sweeteners such as zero calorie substitutes and just let bananas or the sweeteners in protein powder be enough for a tasty and guilt free dessert. Follow my blog to learn about healthy food choices and how to clean up your favorite dishes by substituting the original ingredients with clean options.

Anyways, every once in a while clean just doesn’t cut it and I need to indulge into sweets and other foods that do not support my fitness goals, but feed my soul instead. Food to me is quality and enjoyment of life. When I travel or take trips I love to discover unique restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. Sometimes I like to leave my own kitchen and experience new adventures.

Aside from food, travel and adventurous short trips make my Gypsy soul happy! There are a lot places I still have to cross off my travel bucket list. Follow my blog to find out more about the world’s exciting places.warm-and-cozy-1975215_1920 


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