What are Macros & Micros?

What are Macros?

Macronutrients, or Macros for short, are what food is comprised of:  carbs (carbohydrates), protein, and fats. A lot of food items contain two or all macros and are classified by what they contain most of. For example, natural (1 ingredient) peanut butter includes protein, carbs, and fat but is classified as a fat because the majority of calories come from the fat in it. Avocado is also very calorie dense because of its high fat content. And while most people think of peas, corn, and beans as vegetables, they are classified as starches (carbohydrates).

What are Micros?

Food also contains micronutrients, or micros for short, which include vitamins and minerals. When reading a nutrition label, also look for sugar, fiber, and sodium. Try to keep your sugar and sodium intake as low as possible and your fiber intake as high as possible. While sodium is essential for good health, most people eat too much of it. A normal and healthy intake is considered below 2000mg. Your sugar intake should be below 25g when trying to lose weight. And your fiber intake should be around 30g per day.


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