Low Carb or Low Fat?

What is better, breakfast-1804457_1920 And what about Paleo? Vegan? Different diets work for different people. My experience taught me that a balanced diet consisting of 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fats is the best to stay healthy and cravings free.

I also like to eat every 3 hours and each meal I prepare includes a protein, carbohydrate, and fat source. Examples of protein rich foods are egg whites, chicken breast, lean ground turkey or beef (no more than 7% fat), lean steak, and fish. Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are other good options. I personally cannot stand the taste and texture of cottage cheese and the only time I will buy it is to add it to pasta sauces for a creamy taste or as an ingredient in baked goods. Although Greek yogurt with some fruit can be a great snack, dairy products tend to be high in sugar (lactose).

Brown rice is my go to complex carb choice for lunch meals and combined with chicken breast and coconut oil makes a delicious staple that never gets old. You can also try Jasmin rice as a flavorful alternative. Another secret tip: vegetable broth! You can cook virtually anything in broth and it is much healthier than using butter! If you are watching your sodium intake, try low sodium broth.